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At Paul Scott Orthodontics we provide contemporary evidence lead orthodontics to the highest standard using state of the art materials and equipment.

Removable Appliances

Removable appliances are not fixed to your teeth and can be taken out of your mouth. They are usually used for young children with simple problems associated with their bite. These appliances can also be used in conjunction with other appliances in more complex cases.

Functional Appliances

These are a special type of upper and lower removable braces that come as a pair and are worn together. They are used in growing children who have teeth that stick out. They are used for approximately 6-9 months before usually upper and lower fixed appliances are fitted.

Fixed Appliances ("train tracks")

These are braces that are fixed to the teeth and cannot be removed. They are used when treating both children and adults who have spaced or crowded teeth that require correction. They can either be metal and patients have to choice of coloured elastics, or ceramic (tooth coloured) for a more aesthetic appearance.

Invisible braces - Come in three forms

Lingual Appliances
In our opinion the gold standard for 'invisible' braces. The Incognito / Harmony / 2D appliance features cast-metal brackets that fit onto the inside of your teeth, rendering it virtually invisible.

Clear Aligners
Custom-made aligners that gradually straighten your teeth without wires or brackets. At Paul Scott Orthodontics, we use Invisalign the leading brand in clear aligners.

Clear Braces
A less conspicuous alternative to metal braces that still provides the same great results. One of the most affordable 'invisible' braces; a popular choice for both adults and teenagers.