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Fee Guide

Prices correct as of February 2021

Cost of treatment

The cost of orthodontic treatment is influenced by many factors including: complexity of the treatment, length of treatment and type of appliance used.

Treatment   Fees
Initial assessment with treatment coordinator    
Adults only   no charge
Short Examination (verbal outline of proposed treatment plan / eligibility of NHS treatment)    
Children only   £90
Full 2 visit assessment and treatment planning (includes x-rays, models, photos, report to patient and general dentist)    
Adults (over 18 years)   £140
Children (under 18 years)   £140
Orthodontic Treatment    
Adult orthodontic treatment from £1500-£8000
Children's orthodontic treatment (under 18 years) from £600-£3000
Appliance Fee Guide    
Conventional braces upper and lower   £2000-£5000
Lingual braces upper and lower   £5000-£8000
Invisalign   £3500-£5000
Retainers (removable) from £85
Retainers (fixed) from £120

Payments by instalments over the course of the treatment can be arranged, on an interest free basis.