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Orthodontic Information Sheets » Braces and Gumshields

It's important that you protect your teeth and mouth by wearing a gumshield for contact sports.

When do I need to wear a gumshield?

Wearing a gumshield, whether you are wearing a brace or not, is advisable for all activities where there is a reasonable chance of physical contact and essential for all contact sports such as rugby, boxing and hockey.

What type of gumshield is best for me?

Gumshields can be custom-made (made from an imprint of your teeth), or over-the counter (these can be standard or mouldable). We recommend using the mouldable type, as the fit is usually much better. When there are both adult and milk teeth present in the mouth it is often not worth paying to have a custom made gumshield, as it is only likely to fit well for a short period of time. We recommend Shock Doctor mouldable gumshields, which are available from good sports shops or on the internet. As soon as all of your adult teeth have come through, we recommend a custom-made gumshield, which will provide the best possible protection for your teeth and jaws.

What type of gumshield should I wear if I have braces?

When wearing a brace that can be removed, you should take out your brace and wear a well-fitting gumshield whenever you take part in contact sports. When wearing a fixed brace that cannot be removed, you should have a gumshield that fits over the top of your brace. You can purchase a gumshield from reception that is specifically designed to fit over a fixed brace.